Pigeon Baby Foam Soap Refill 400ml

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Product Description

A baby’s skin is only about one-third the thickness of an adult’s, and is extremely delicate. So the key point when we wash baby’s body is to keep irritation of the skin to an absolute minimum. The cleansing ingredients used in PIGEON’s Baby Form Soap are based on amino acids which have the same mild acidity as baby’s skin and resemble the skin’s composition. The addition of ceramides (ingredients which help the skin to build up moisture) ensures that even after washing, moisture is left in baby’s skin, which is so prone to dryness. A single press on the pump of the self-foaming bottle dispenses airy foam, letting you wash baby without any harshness on baby’s skin.

The blue bottle contains the basic ‘Self-Foaming Type,’ free from colors and fragrances, and can be used from the newborn period in any season. 

Product Description

- Special foam soap with pH level of 5.6, that is most ideal for baby's delicate skin
- Helps retain skin moisture and protect baby's skin against dryness with Vernix and Ceramide
- Just a small amount for a cleaner and softer skin
- Paraben Free, Coloring Free, Dermatologically tested
- Unscented

Verbix possesses a strong moisture retention ability, Vernix helps to keep babies’ skins moist, displaying an ability to protect the immature baby skin from dehydration.

Ceramide is found in the spaces in between cells in the outermost layer of skin, Ceramide is a natural substance which helps to maintain skin hydration.

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