Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro

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Select a breast pump that is the most suitable and comfortable for you. Always remember that a pump with a strong suction power does not mean that it is good for you. A baby exerts a pressure of 80 to 100mmHG. Ensure the sucking force by the pump is appropriate and no pain is felt in the mamary glands. Sucking is different from pulling and rhythmic suction is better than hard pumping. Breast pump with a pumping strength of above 200mmHG is not recommended for breast feeding mothers.

Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro is ideal for mothers who like customization on their pumping style, which makes pumping feel more comfortable. You can customize your own favourite Pumping Style! 7 adjustable suction levels with 4 adjustable suction speed to choose from!

Product Description

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- Can be sterilised by Boiling, Steam, Microwave, or Chemical
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