Pigeon Medicated Powder, Cake - 45g (Japan)

SGD 8.90
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Product Description

-Medicated baby powder to prevent heat rash and sores
-Ultra-fine powder
-Fragrance Free
-Compact for easy storage, convenient when travelling
-Powder pressed to compact, prevents baby from inhaling fly-away particles

Product Description

Pigeon Medicated Powder Cake 45g is a smooth and precise powder that gently protects your skin, and helps to prevent sores and diaper rash friction. It also helps to prevent heat, gently protecting your baby's delicate and smooth skin. This medicated powder is formulated with collagen to protect baby's skin. This medicated powder is ultra fine for easier application and better texture on your baby's skin, and is fragrance free. The medicated powder cake is compressed to prevent your baby from inhaling fly-away particles.

[Please use precautions] 
Please use when suitable for your skin. 
Do not use on areas of abnormal scars or rashes, stupefaction.

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