Skip Hop Moby Floating Bath Thermometer

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Product Description

- Color changing LED, to indicate hot or just right temperature
- Suction to tub or wall when not in use
- Tail acts as wash cloth hook when suctioned to wall
- Floats in water
- Available in Fahrenheit
- Replaceable battery included
- BPA-free, Phthalate-free

Product Description

Before baby's bathtime, use Skip Hop Moby bath thermometer to ensure the water isn't too hot or cold for your little one. When not in use, suction to any tiled surface for easy storage and safe-keeping.mobybaththermometer1


 Color changing LED to indicate hot or just right temperature

 Suction to tub or wall when not in use
 Tail acts as wash cloth hook when suctioned to wall
 Floats in water
 Available in Fahrenheit
 Replaceable battery included: lasts for over six months on average
 BPA-free, Phthalate-free
 Coordinates with Moby collection
 Size (inches): 5L x 2.5W x 6H



Automatically turns on in water.

When battery is low, symbol will flash: To replace (by adult only): Bend suction cup aside to access 2 screws. Open with screwdriver. Replace with CR2032 coin battery. Always dispose of used batteries properly. Be sure red gasket is in place. Replace cover and 2 screws. Battery: 3.0V, CR2032 Exhausted batteries are to be removed from the toy.

The Moby Thermometer is to be operated in water only when fully assembled in accordance with the instructions. Do not short-circuit supply terminals. Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries. Batteries are to be inserted with correct polarity

Never leave child unattended. 
Always use with adult supervision.

Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision. 

Always check the temperature of the water with hand or elbow before placing child in the tub.

Only for domestic use.

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