NUK Milk Bottle and Vegetable Cleanser Bundle

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Product Description
Includes 1 x 950ml Baby Bottle Cleanser, 2 x 750ml Baby Bottle Cleanser refill and 1 x 50ml Baby Bottle Cleanser
Product Description
NUK Bottle Cleanser was specially developed for cleaning baby products. The formulation is based on natural ingredients which, due to enzymes, reliably remove milk, puree and juice in particular. NUK Bottle Cleanser is so mild that you can not only clean baby bottles and teats, cups, plates and cutlery but also breast pump parts, as well as washable toys and other things that come in contact with you baby’s mouth – without a second thought. How does the NUK Bottle Cleanser work? In the first months of life, a baby’s food is milk and puree. Stubborn milk proteins remain leftover on bottles, teats, cups and plates and germs, bacteria and bad smells can build up there. The NUK Bottle Cleanser is so gentle is because we have done without any ingredients that are not necessary for cleaning off baby food. Instead, the NUK Bottle Cleanser contains enzymes which are particularly effective on milk proteins and thickeners. In nature too, in the digestive system for example, enzymes help to break down and dissolve proteins. The formulation of the new bottle cleanser is based on this example from nature. Thanks to its thin consistency, the cleanser disperses quickly. The leftover proteins are cracked open by the enzymes and can be easily rinsed away completely.

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