NUK Premium Choice + 150ml Learner Bottle - Minnie Mouse Red

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Product Description

- Makes the transition from bottle feeding to drinking from a cup easier
- Ergonomic handles designed for little hands, easy to grip
NUK Anti-Colic Air System
- Soft silicone, spill-proof spout
- Polypropylene bottle, BPA-free
- Holds 150ml
- For children from 6 months old

Product Description

Making the transition from bottle feeding to drinking from a cup can be a big step but help is at hand with the Disney by NUK First Choice 150ml Learner Cup which features a classic Disney design to keep your child entertained whilst drinking.

Designed to make the transition easier for your baby, NUK's First Choice Learner Cup features easy grip trainer handles which make it easy for your child to hold the cup themselves.

The Learner Cup also features the NUK Anti-Colic Air System which minimises infant colic caused by harmful swallowing of air. NUK First Choice bottles are compatible with all First Choice Teats.

Soft, odourless, spill-proof silicone spout.

Integrated NUK Air System equalises the pressure in the bottle and helps reduce colic as less air is swallowed.

Extra-wide neck and comes with tried and tested NUK First Choice parts such as a screw ring, closure disc and protective cap.

Easy to clean and fill.

Handles are ergonomically-shaped and have non-slip soft studs.

Printed with popular motifs from the NUK Disney Collection, makes drinking more fun!

Compatible with NUK First Choice range.

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