NUK Nature Sense Silicone Teat 2 pcs 0-6m

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Product Description

- Has several tiny openings modelled on a mother’s breast
- Gives an optimal, smooth and natural flow
- Wide, flexible lip rest with extra-soft teat tip similar to a mother’s nipple
- Innovative anti-colic vent
- Fits all NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottles only
- Suitable for 0-6 months
- 2 sizes available: S (3 holes) and M (6 holes)

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Product Description

Inspired by nature and NUK have developed a teat that is as close to mother’s breast as never before.

The innovative NUK Nature Sense Teat has several tiny openings instead of just one hole which ensures a smooth and natural flow for your baby. This way your little one feels completely safe and secure and, as a result, can accept the bottle easily. 
Whether supplementing feeding or switching over to a bottle, many babies find it difficult to get used to a bottle. This is exactly why NUK has created the NUK Nature Sense Teat: its several tiny openings have been modelled on the milk ducts of a mother’s breast to ensure a smooth and natural flow and the extra-wide and flexible lip rest lets your baby latch on naturally. The innovative anti-colic vent makes it easy for your little one to drink as if from the breast without a need to pause which helps to prevent your baby swallowing air. Set by nature, with the extra-soft tip of the teat, which is flexible and adapts itself to the mouth in a way similar to a nipple.

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